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You Know Your Pet Best, So Why Follow Your Veterinarian’s Recommendations?

You Know Your Pet Best, So Why Follow Your Veterinarian’s Recommendations?

Yes, you know your pet best, and this is why pet owners are often first to notice the slight changes in appearance and behavior that can indicate illness. Veterinarians, however, are experts in animal medicine. They can detect signs of disease before it even affects a pet. Sometimes, when pet owners follow our recommendations, we can prevent pets from getting sick altogether.


How Following Veterinary Recommendations Saves Money and Heartache

Investing in wellness care, preventative treatments, and health screenings will save you money while protecting your pet from the dangers and discomforts of a myriad of advanced diseases, chronic conditions, and parasites.

Regular wellness appointments, like annual or biannual checkups, come with predictable price tags that can easily be worked into a budget. Plus, they’re essential to maintaining your pet’s health.


During these appointments, our veterinarian performs a whiskers-to-tail examination, looking for possible signs of illness and comparing your pet’s condition to that recorded during their last appointment. We’ll also keep all parasite preventatives and vaccines current. Our veterinarian might also recommend running diagnostic tests (such as blood work) to screen for early signs of health problems – even if your pet is currently healthy and has no signs or symptoms of disease.

Many conditions can be more effectively and affordably treated when diagnosed early (before your pet develops symptoms). When a veterinarian recommends running a blood panel on a perfectly healthy pet, you should know that we’re doing so as a precaution that could save you and your pet big-time when it comes to the costs and dangers associated with advanced diseases.

What If You Can’t Afford a Treatment or Wellness Screening?

We encourage our pet owners to look into purchasing a pet insurance plan, as it can help you cover both expected and unexpected costs. There are also many organizations that strive to help pet owners access the veterinary care their pets need.


Make the Most of Your Pet’s Veterinary Visit

To get the most out of your pet’s wellness checkups, sick pet exams, and other veterinary appointments, we strongly encourage you to follow our veterinarian’s advice and recommendations for your pet’s treatment plan including dietary recommendations, medications, and follow-up exams.

At Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian Dr. John Lewis always does his best to explain your pet’s care and our veterinary recommendations as clearly as possible. We understand that you might have questions about costs and your pet’s treatments, exams, diagnostic tests, and the reasons why they’re necessary for your pet’s ongoing health. We always welcome you to talk with our veterinarian about any concerns you might have. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs while providing your pet with the best possible veterinary care.

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