Pumpkin Petcare Insurance

Pumpkin’s Preventive Essentials Pack will now include:

Annual Wellness Exam

Full refund for the exam fee when pets come for their yearly check-up, vaccines and tests

Annual Vaccines

Full refund for any 4 vaccines you recommend for puppies, 2 for dogs, and 1 for cats

Yearly Screening Tests

  • For Dogs: Full refund for 1 yearly fecal exam + 1 yearly screening test for vector-borne diseases (heartworm, lyme, ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis) or heartworm test only
  • For Cats and Puppies: Full refund for 1 yearly fecal exam

Welcome Box

Dogs and cats get a special Pumpkin welcome gift sent to their home when they enroll

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE: www.pumpkin.care/vets/eastwayevet

Be sure to sign up for Pumpkin’s Pet Insurance AND Preventive Essentials Pack in the next 14 days if you received vaccines during your wellness visit today. Once enrolled and upon submission of today’s invoice, you will receive your reimbursement check within the week!!