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Tips and Tricks to Get Pets to Take Their Medicine

Our pets have very sensitive noses that can sniff out the unappetizing scent of medication they don’t want to take from a mile away. This can make it very challenging to administer your pet’s medication as prescribed. However, making sure your pet takes their medication as directed by our veterinarian is very important to treatment.


6 Tips and Tricks for Administering Pet Meds


1. Pill Pockets
Pill pockets are specially designed pet treats that are made from a soft formula that allows pet owners to insert a pill and squish the treat down around it. As a result, pets don’t even know they’re taking their medicine.

2. Compounded Medications
Compounded medications are another good solution for picky pets who resist taking their medicine. Your pet’s medications can be formulated directly into treats or into a flavored liquid that can be applied, like gravy, to their food or squirted directly into their mouth.

3. Pill Device
Sometimes called pill guns or pill plungers, these devices work similarly to a syringe and are designed to make it easier and safer to deposit a pill far enough into your pet’s mouth that they will swallow it rather than spit it out.

4. Make It a Game
You can trick your pet into taking their medications by turning it into a game. You can try playing catch by tossing treats toward your pet for them to catch and gulp down or try hiding a pill encased in a treat inside a treat puzzle.

5. Competition
If you have more than one pet, you can trick your pet who needs medication into taking their pill by introducing an element of competition into the process. Bring both of your pets in and toss treats to them both. Just be sure to toss the treat containing a pill to the right pet, so that you don’t accidentally administer medication to the wrong one.

6. High-Reward, High-Smell Hiding Spots
Hot dogs, cheese, peanut butter, and canned pet food are all good hiding spots for pills. Chances are your pet will be so excited to take a bite of these high-reward foods, they won’t even suspect or notice that there’s a pill hiding inside.

Professional Pet Med Help in Goldsboro

When in doubt, we always welcome you to contact our veterinarian, Dr. John Lewis, at Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic.


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