The Incredible World of Seeing Eye Dogs – National Seeing Eye Dog Day

On January 29, 1929, the very first school for seeing eye dogs was opened in Germany. Now, each year on January 29th, we celebrate National Seeing Eye Dog Day to spread awareness and appreciation for the important and invaluable work that these specially-trained dogs do.


5 Interesting Facts About Guide Dogs


1. Most Seeing Eye Dogs Are Members of Just Three Breeds
Just three dog breeds exhibit temperaments and intelligence that are appropriate for training to become guide dogs. These include golden retrievers, German shepherds, and labrador retrievers – and not every dog of these breeds is cut out for the job.

2. Not Everyone Can Work With a Guide Dog
Most people assume that anyone could take hold of a guide dog’s harness and be safely led across a busy street. This, however, is not true. Guide dogs and their handlers receive special training together, developing a strong bond while also teaching the handler how to communicate with the dog.

3. Not All Working Dogs Are Seeing Eye Dogs
All guide dogs are working dogs, but not all working dogs are guide dogs. Some working dogs are specially trained to assist with other tasks such as detecting medical emergencies like seizures, assisting with search and rescue missions, or sniffing out dangerous substances.

4. Seeing Eye Dogs Don’t Have the Directions
Guide dogs aren’t trained to memorize maps or directions around town. Instead, they take cues from their handlers on where to go and are trained to watch out for dangerous situations, such as traffic, a blocked pathway, or an overhead obstruction along the way.

5. Guide Dogs Should Not Be Pet
You should never pet a guide dog (or working dog) without explicit permission from the dog’s handler. These dogs have important jobs to do, and attention from anyone else could be a dangerous distraction.


Veterinary Care for Companion Animals and Professional Guide Dogs

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