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Learn the Importance of Pet Dental Care During Pet Dental Health Month

Learn the Importance of Pet Dental Care During Pet Dental Health Month

You probably realize how important your own dental care is for your overall health and wellbeing, but did you know that the same is true for your pets? That’s right. Both cats and dogs need proper dental care in order to stay healthy, comfortable, and happy.

Why Dental Care Is Essential to Pet Health

Without regular care, your pet’s teeth will accumulate plaque and tartar on the surface (just like your own teeth). When left unaddressed, this buildup creates damp, dark pockets between the teeth and gums where harmful bacteria thrive. When this bacteria begins to grow out of control, it causes a gum infection called periodontal disease. Left unaddressed, periodontal disease can cause sore gums, mouth pain, tooth loss, and even a blood infection that can damage a pet’s vital organs, eventually leading to death.

Proper dental care and oral hygiene can prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar that leads to gum disease, preventing more serious health problems from occurring down the road.

How to Care for Your Cat’s or Dog’s Teeth

While the daily brushing and flossing that you do for your own teeth probably isn’t feasible for your pets, you can still do a lot of good by incorporating some oral hygiene into their regular health regimen.

We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at home, using a specially formulated pet toothpaste and a specially designed pet toothbrush. This process can take some getting used to, so it’s important to be patient with your pets while they learn and provide them plenty of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

We also recommend providing your pets with dental-friendly treats and chew toys that are specially formulated and designed to help remove plaque from your pet’s teeth.

Professional Pet Dental Care in Goldsboro, NC

It’s also important to have your pet’s teeth examined by a professional during their annual wellness appointment. Our veterinarian examines every patients’ teeth as a part of our routine wellness appointments. Depending on your pet’s health and medical history, we might also recommend a professional cleaning.

At Eastwaye Veterinary Clinic in Goldsboro, we’re proud to provide pets with a comprehensive menu of professional dental care services. From visual inspections during wellness exams to professional teeth cleanings and extractions, our experienced veterinarian can provide everything your pet needs to stay healthy.

We welcome you to schedule a dental exam or ask about our dental services during your pet’s next appointment. Happy National Pet Dental Health Month!

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